Boost your Bottom Line

Cascade Capital creates liquidity solutions for its clients through the purchase or finance of accounts receivables. Since 2002, Cascade’s management team has provided credit granters and healthcare systems with upfront cash while protecting their brand image and community standing.

  • Accelerate Cash Flow through Cascade’s Innovative Purchase or Finance Programs
  • Shift Risk and Responsibility to Cascade
  • Focus on, and Grow, your Core Business
  • Protect your Customers, Cascade is Committed to the Fair and Positive Treatment of your Consumers and Patients
  • Reduce Overhead and Staffing in Back Office
  • Retain Control of your Customer Relationships
Immediate and Predictable Cash Flow Compliant Recovery Bottom Line Benefits

Client Benefits - Cascade offers creative AR liquidity solutions tailored to your needs.

Let's Get Started - Cascade's initial AR review and evaluation process is quick, easy and free of charge.